Project developed with grants through the SEE Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 within the SME Growth Romania programme, Green Industry Innovation focus area

Project: "Virtual simulated platform for compliance learning - testing. A bold Romanian-Norwegian cooperation."

Beneficiary: SC Bold Tehnologies SRL, Ploiești, Romania

Ploiesti, 30.04.2020


  • SC BOLD TEHNOLOGIES SRL, based in Romania, Prahova county, Ploiesti, 11 Cameliei str., telephone number: +40747 222 228, E-mail:, is launching, starting from April 1st, the implementation of the “Virtual simulated platform for compliance learning - testing. A bold Romanian-Norwegian cooperation.", project, co-financed within the “SME Growth Romania” programme, according to the Financing agreement number 2020/505503, concluded with Innovation Norway as programme operator;
  • The total amount of the project is EUR 618,600, out of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance shall not exceed the amount of EUR 286,000, the level of non-reimbursable co-financing being 46.07% for the investment component and 50% for external consultancy and studies development related services;
  • The project will be implemented in Romania, Prahova county, Ploiesti, 11 Cameliei street;
  • Project implementation duration: the project shall be implemented by January 31st, 2022.
  • The general objective of the project is:
    • The general objective of the project is to develop a fully gamified learning and testing platform for risk and compliance learning.
  • Additional details can be obtained from:
    • Contact person’s name: Florin Grosu;
    • Position: Project Manager;
    • Address: Romania, Prahova county, Ploiesti, 11 Cameliei street;
    • Telephone number: +40747 222 228, E-mail:

For more details regarding the funding programme, please visit:

Ploiesti, 15.12.2020

The first modules of the elearning platform are now ready and the first test users are going through the learning program, an introductory course in Macroeconomics. The platform supports multiple languages and has a responsive design so that it can be used on mobile devices as well.

Ploiesti, 15.03.2020

We have developed the first games in the platform, and the game mechanics are based on our research on player taxonomies and the BrainHex model.

Ploiesti, 22.04.2021

Our R&D activities have been summarized in a research paper - “Serious games design for contextual learning in complian`ce”- which was accepted at the 17th edition of the eLearning and Software for Education Conference - (eLSE).

Ploiesti, 30.05.2021

BRD – GSG, one of the largest banks in Romania, has trained almost 2500 of its employees using our platform. The Training program delivered was gamified by our team using all the learning games and gamification features developed previously as part of this project.

Ploiesti, 30.07.2021

Game design – Mapping of learner profile and player archetypes on the developed games. The player archetypes of the BrainHex model are each mapped out in at least 3 learning games. This new approach has allowed us to increase the engagement with the content by 59% on average.

Ploiesti, 31.08.2021

The Sleepless, Inc. has completed the development of the detection algorithm and we started working on integrating the algorithm with the elearning engine to provide a personalized learning experience in real time.

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